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State Unitary Enterprise "Loihakash"

State Unitary Enterprise "Loihakash" was in October 30, 2010 №579 under the Committee of Architecture and Construction under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and since operating.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on "State Enterprises", subsidiaries have been established in 62 cities and districts of the country. More than 445 specialists have been mobilized.

The main activity of the enterprise is to provide services in the field of architecture and design and thus meet the requirements of the related subjects in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction in accordance under the Town Planning Code of the Republic of Tajikistan and other regulations.

In order to implement the goals, directions and objectives based on the regulations, the Company carries out the following activities:
- preparation of proposals for the adjustment of the General Plan of territorial and administrative units, participation in the development of the Plan of complex and territorial organization of administrative units, General plan of territorial and administrative units and detailed urban planning projects, planning projects, zoning plans;
- development of urban planning sections of targeted programs, plans and plans for the development of engineering, transport and social infrastructure financed from the state budget, as well as project documentation and urban planning of sites financed from other sources;
- preparation and submission of project proposals to architectural and town-planning bodies on location of facilities, engineering communications and transport plan;
- preparation and submission of initial data for the design of all types of facilities; at the request of the relevant architectural and town-planning bodies and on the basis of contracts with customers to prepare architectural and planning assignments in accordance with the established procedure;
- development of design and estimate documentation for construction, reconstruction, re-equipment, redesign of capital construction facilities;
- carrying out of topographic and geodetic works, copying of performance;
- implementation of project coordination works on site and location of the facility;
- development of projects for the protection of natural, historical, cultural monuments and architectural landscapes of national and local importance, the design of cities, districts and other settlements, projects for the restoration of architectural, historical and cultural monuments;
- development of drafts and projects of temporary constructions, including economic and household constructions on the territory of household plots, private houses, on plots of lands of communities around horticulture and vegetable growing, improvement of parts of territories near buildings or plots of land;
- on the basis of contracts with housing companies to conduct inspections and surveys of the building, its territory and within the existing construction and architectural rules and regulations to make recommendations on the possibility of locating new facilities, including light construction;
- development of projects for the conversion (re-equipment) of non-industrial buildings, which are carried out in existing buildings and do not require replacement of load-bearing structures;
- development of projects of small architectural forms (structures), open sports grounds, sidewalks, paving of buildings, projects of artistic decoration and equipment of the environment, design and outdoor advertising;
- promotion of author's control in construction; - Preparation of architectural and planning assignments in accordance with the established procedure on the basis of the order-contract;
- organization of exhibitions of construction projects;
- facilitate the revival and improvement of the national architecture and design using the historical sources of ancestral architecture;
- provision of paid organizational, methodological and other assistance to customers on architectural, urban planning and construction issues;
- in accordance with the established procedure to promote creation and implementation of the state town-planning cadastre and monitoring of objects of town-planning activity;
- completion of import-export operations and other foreign economic activity;
- production of printed materials and their distribution, thus providing services in the field of architecture, design and construction;
- development of passports for painting of existing buildings in the protocol streets of cities and districts and decoration of alleys and avenues


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