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OJSC "Shakhrofar"

OJSC "Shakhrofar"

Director of the Open Joint Stock Company Shakhrofar Shamsidinov Togidin Sayfidinovich

Public corporation. Founded in 1930. Population - 115 people. Incl. architects-city planners - 15, architects of volumetric design and designers - 13, designers - 20, other specialties more than 30. There is a full qualification staff of specialists for the development of various urban planning projects and volumetric design. The institute has 6 production departments, a department for the design and reproduction of documentation.

1. Development of urban planning documentation: Planning (general plans, detailed planning project, district planning schemes). Development of districts, microdistricts, quarters and individual sites.
2. Development of schemes of engineering networks (OV, VK, EL, G, SS) of settlements and territories.
3. Architectural design: General plans of objects. Residential buildings. Public buildings and structures. Objects of production, hydrotechnical, energy, agricultural purposes. Engineering structures. Reconstruction of buildings and structures. Binding of standard projects.
4. Construction design and construction: Residential and public buildings and structures. Reconstruction of buildings and structures. Binding of standard projects.
5. Design of engineering networks and systems (water supply, sewerage, power supply, communications, heating, gas supply).
6. Special sections of projects.
7. The function of the general designer.
8. Development of interior and design projects.
9. Estimates

Has a license of the first category of responsibility (DB 3 No. 0000979). Projects are carried out in full and taking into account the requirements of the design rules and regulations in seismic regions and on collapsible soils. Leading experts have 15 to 40 years of experience.

OJSC "Shakhrofar" is a leading design organization of the Committee for Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Tajikistan in the field of urban planning and territorial planning. Performs territorial functions in the field of urban planning in the country. Thanks to extensive experience, high qualifications of specialists and a rich archive, projects are carried out efficiently and on time. During construction, each object is supervised by both the architect and the designer, and specialists from related sections. All the necessary conditions for creative work have been created for the production departments. There is a documentation department with modern duplicating machines and a bookbinding shop. There are all the necessary equipment and other necessary attributes for the design in modern conditions. Projects are carried out using AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, 3ds max, Lira, etc. In recent years, projects have been developed for jubilee objects in Kulyab, Penjikent, Dushanbe, Gissar, Bokhtar, etc. These are palaces of culture, theater, schools, TV studio, library, hospitals, clinics, communication centers, administrative buildings, residential and public buildings, rural centers health, objects of power supply, water supply, sewerage, heating and other objects. The development of general plans of cities and settlements, individual residential settlements of individual construction is in progress.

List of the most important design work in recent years
1. Memorial complex I. Somoni in Dushanbe
2. Museum of the Tajik aluminum plant
3.12-storey residential building on Gogol street in Dushanbe
4. Republican hippodrome in Dushanbe
5. Palace of Culture in Kulob
6. School for 640 places (10 objects)
7. The concept of the protocol streets of Kulyab and Dangara
8. Park of culture and rest in Kulob
9. Reconstruction of the theater named after A. Lakhuti
10. Improvement of the territory of the Palace of the Nation
11. Administrative building of the PDPT
12. Elite Residential Complex "Poytakht-80", sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
13. Library in Kurgan-Tyube
14. Networks of water supply, sewerage, power supply of the park in Dushanbe
15. Relocation of engineering networks in the central part of Dushanbe
16. Reconstruction of engineering networks of the Hotel complex IAP RT
17. Reconstruction of engineering networks and improvement of the complex of buildings of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan
18. Irrigation water supply of the slope along Sherozi street;
19. Engineering networks of the memorial complex of the 2700th anniversary of Kulyab;
20. Project for the development of municipal infrastructure (water supply to 8 cities and towns)
21. Inspections and preparation of defective acts for capital repairs of buildings
22. Hospitals in Dushanbe, Nurabad region, Muminabad, Dangara, Khorog ...
23. Institute of Gastroenterology.
24. 2, 4, 5, 9, 12 and 16 storey residential buildings in different cities.
25. 4, 9-storey residential buildings for the town of Khorog.
26. Dormitories for university students in Khorog.
27. General plans, as well as projects of detailed planning years. and nos. Kulyab, Bokhtar, Khujand, Khorog, Gissar, Vakhdat, Tursunzade, Boljuan, Shakhrinav, Rushan, Rudaki, Zafarobod, etc.
28. New academic buildings of the National University
29. Educational Buildings of the State Pedagogical University in Dushanbe.
30. Branch of the State Pedagogical University in Rasht
31. Museum in Kurgan-Tyube.
32. Gymnasium for 640 places in Dangar.
33. Palace of Culture in Muminabad.
34. Republican gymnasium for 1000 students in Dushanbe.
35. Cardiological center in Bokhtar.
36. Buildings and structures for victims of natural disasters and displaced persons. 37. Stadiums in Darband, Tojikabad, Muminabad, Rasht, Vakhdat, Gissar.
38. Settlements of individual cottage construction with personal plots and etc.

The institute carries out the most important objects, including utilities for almost all settlements of the republic.

Over the years, specialists of the institute have developed projects for the buildings of the Presidential Palace, the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences, the Tajik National University, the Philharmonic Society, the Pedagogical Institute, the Medical Institute, the Museum of Local Lore, the House of Machlisi Oli, the Hotel Dushanbe, the House of Culture of Trade Unions (now the Philharmonic), the House of Culture of the Trade Unions (now the Philharmonic), the House of Culture of the Trade Unions (now the Philharmonic) and ballet named after S. Aini, Tajik Drama Theater named after Lakhuti, Chaikhana "Rohat", "Kokhi Vakhdat", Newspaper and magazine complex "Sharki Ozod", Hotel Avesto, Computing centers of the State Planning Commission, Construction Bank and Central Statistical Office, State Center "Priroda", the buildings of the National Security Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the House of the Writers' Union, the House of Political Education in Khorog (now a university), the Khoja-Obigarm resort in the Varzob gorge, the Pedagogical University in Khujand and many other objects that have received state prizes and prestigious awards at all-Union reviews - contests. 4, 5, 8-9, 12-16-storey residential buildings for construction in the city of Dushanbe and other cities of the republic have also been designed and built.

The very first largest object of the period of independence of the country - the I. Somoni Memorial Complex (now "Vahdat") on the main square of the capital was built according to our project.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the country's independence, according to the project of the institute, a 20-storey building "Dushanbe-Plaza", a complex "State Emblem of the Republic of Tajikistan" were designed. Completed work on the residential complex "Poytakht-80" at the intersection of Rudaki-Bukhoro streets, the Republican hippodrome - Navruzgokh, the administrative building of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan.

For the period from 2003 to 2017, adjustments and development of master plans and RAP of 59 settlements were carried out.

Adaptation to local conditions of construction of projects carried out by foreign design organizations is being carried out. So in recent years, adaptation of projects completed in Russia, Germany, Turkey, Korea, France, Qatar, etc., such objects as the 5-star hotel "Hayat", the office center "Sozidanie" at 25 Aini St. storey residential buildings and a shopping center in Khujand, the new terminal of the international airport in Dushanbe, the town of "Dyori Dushanbe" on N. Ganchavi street, the Textile complex in Dangar, etc.
At present, the development of general plans for cities and regional centers is being completed, work on regional planning and projects for detailed planning of centers, individual microdistricts and quarters, central streets of cities and towns continues. Also, design work is carried out on administrative, public, industrial and residential buildings and complexes.

Organization location, postal address, contact numbers, faxes, e-mail address
The Republic of Tajikistan
734025 Dushanbe, st. Husein -Zade 34 Tel. (992 37) 223-00-00, 221-49-83 (fax) e-mail: giprostroy@tajik.net, shahrofar@mail.ru


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