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The Project Institute "Tajikgiproprom" was organized in 1961 in the system of "Sovnarkhoza Tajik SSR", in the beginning of 1963 in submission to "Sredazsovnarkhozu" at the end of the same year in submission to the State Committee of Construction of the USSR and finally, by the order " State Committee for the Construction of the USSR "in 1965, the State Design Institute of ТРГ Tajikgiproprom "is transferred to the State Committee for the Construction of the Tajik SSR, and becomes the leading institute of Industrial design in Tajik SSR and the Turkmen SSR since the order of the USSR State Building of 1964 liquidated "Turkmenpromproekt" and unfinished work, as well as orders for industrial design of the Turkmen SSR is transferred to "Tajikgiproprom".On the basis of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan on the State Language in the Republic of Tajikistan, the State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan in 2010 amended the company's charter and renamed Giproprom to OJSC «Sanoatsoz» under the Construction and Architecture Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

«Sanoatsoz» renders complex of services: from recommendations of construction sites, preparation of pre- project and project decisions, implementation of engineering supervision over the construction process up to putting the object into service. «Sanoatsoz» has got reputation, owing to its high - quality production.

Objects projected by institute today are successfully maintaining in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Therefore a lot of modern multi - story administrative and dwelling buildings, responding to requirements of the highest world standards are worked out by «Sanoatsoz». Now, cooperation with a greatest engineering, construction companies and investors are working out joint objects and projects. «Sanoatsoz» carried out designing of individual dwelling according to customers desire. Projects and designs are carried out in various architectural styles with application of modern building and finishing materials. Particular attention is given to the exterior and interior of objects.In working out of designs are used various architectural directions and styles, depend on purpose of both whole structure and its separate premise.

The most significant work of the project institute of Sanoatsoz was performed during the years of independence of the Republic of Tajikistan. These are: “The Reception Building (VIP) of the Air Show”, “Recreation Park of Railway Workers in Kulоb”, “Palace of Culture in Baldzhuvan District”, “Palace of Culture in Varzob District”, “Lyceum Boarding School in Kurgan-Tube”, “Commerce productive complex in Dushanbe Printing house in Dangara Rotation village Sangtudinsky HPP Cement plant with a capacity of 72 thousand tons per year in Harangon 9-storey building with a shopping center in Dushanbe " , “Cable plant in Dushanbe”. "Brickworks in Rudaki and Dangara districts", "Community multistorey building in the street Ayni In Dushanbe", "Multistorey building in the street Ayni and A.Donish", "Tajik Islamic college by name Imom-Azam Abuhanifa in Dushanbe", "Shopping mall center in Dushanbe", "Production zone in the construction site of the Rogun hydropower station", "Gas station in Dushanbe" and dozens of other facilities built in cities and districts of the republic.


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