16 август 2022, сешанбе

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  • 3-08-2022, 12:15

    Tajikistan and US Sign MoU on the Implementation of a New Project

    The Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Tajikistan and US on the implementation of the new project of the US Agency for International Development in Tajikistan «Let’s Study Together» was signed on August 2 in Dushanbe....

  • 3-08-2022, 11:13

    Japanese Parliamentary Delegation Visits Research Institute of Gastroenterology

    Today, the Japanese parliamentary delegation headed by Keiji Furuya visited the Institute of Gastroenterology of Tajikistan and took part in the opening ceremony of a mobile computed tomography center and the presentation of oncological medical equipment at the Republican Scientific Cancer Center...

  • 3-08-2022, 08:45

    Dushanbe to Host Investment Forums Between Tajikistan and Multiple Countries

    In order to attract more foreign capital and acquaint others with Tajikistan’s investment opportunities, this year Dushanbe is expected to host investment forums between Tajikistan and South Korea, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, as well as the International Investment Forum....


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