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President Emomali Rahmon: Terrorist Acts Taking Place in Peaceful Countries Show That Any State Can Become Vulnerable

President Emomali Rahmon: Terrorist Acts Taking Place in Peaceful Countries Show That Any State Can Become VulnerableThe current situation in the region and the world, which has recently been full of rapidly changing unpredictable and unforeseen events, requires constant combat readiness, extensive professional knowledge and high skills from the personnel of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. This was stated today by the President of Tajikistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Emomali Rahmon in his speech on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces.

According to him, the horrific terrorist acts taking place in peaceful countries show that any state, regardless of its level of development and potential, can become vulnerable in a short time under the pressure of terrorist and extremist organizations.

“We clearly see how the destabilization of the situation by such groups and movements can have devastating consequences, leading to the death of thousands of civilians,” said Emomali Rahmon.

In this context, every serviceman and law enforcement officer is obligated to treat the performance of his official duty with a high sense of patriotism and always be ready and vigilant in the name of ensuring the security of Motherland, the strength of peace and stability, the peaceful life of the people of the country, and the protection of national and state interests.

He added that in the context of today’s transformations, along with a high level of combat readiness of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, issues related to the quality organization of mobilization activities and the readiness of territorial defense structures should be under the constant and serious attention of central and local government bodies.

He expressed confidence that the servicemen of the Armed Forces, other military structures and law enforcement agencies of the country would continue their observance of iron discipline, modern knowledge and skills, and most importantly, with a high sense of patriotism, devotion to their state, Motherland and people will fulfill their sacred duty.

“We are proud of the brave officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of our independent state who adequately represent their enlightened civilization, the Tajik nation,” said President Emomali Rahmon.


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