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President Emomali Rahmon Congratulates Compatriots on Adoption of the UN Resolution on International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation

President Emomali Rahmon Congratulates Compatriots on Adoption of the UN Resolution on International Year of Glaciers’ PreservationYesterday, December 14, 2022 the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved our fifth water initiative by adopting a special Resolution.

According to the Resolution, firstly, 2025 is declared as the International Year of Glaciers’ Preservation.

Second, 21 March of each year will be observed as the World Day for Glaciers starting in 2025.

Moreover, in accordance with the Resolution, the United Nations under the auspices of the UN Secretary General establishes International Trust Fund for the Glaciers’ Preservation.

Fourth, High – Level International Conference dedicated to Glaciers’ Preservation will be convened in Dushanbe.

I believe that a strategy, road map and other necessary international documents for the implementation of the specific joint actions will be elaborated and approved within the framework of this Conference to addressing issues related to prevention of accelerated melting of glaciers, preserving glaciers, as well as their effective use at the global and regional level as the main sources of safe drinking water.

As it is known for all, global climate change as one of the modern challenges, first of all negatively impacts the state of glaciers, snow and water resources.

I have repeatedly emphasized this issue from different international and regional fora.

The international community is well aware that the further decrease and destruction of drinking water sources on the planet can expose people to many human, social and economic disasters.

In this regard, the international community as soon as possible needs to develop and implement necessary joint measures to solve these global issues.

We are delighted that our initiative received full support from the international community responsibly.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to express on behalf of myself, the Government and the people of Tajikistan heartfelt gratitude to all UN Member States, UN agencies and other international and regional organizations that supported our initiative at the United Nations General Assembly.

Dear fellow citizens!

I sincerely congratulate all of you on the occasion of this historic and important event – adoption of a timely Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution which is continuation of the implementation of our international initiatives on water and climate agenda.

No doubt, adoption of the Resolution, i.e. the fifth initiative of Tajikistan is an evidence of further elevation of our country’s reputation globally.

I am confident, that Tajikistan will continue to be a country initiator in promoting global water and climate and other topics of the international agenda.


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