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President Emomali Rahmon Presents State Awards

President Emomali Rahmon Presents State AwardsAhead of the 31st anniversary of the state’s independence, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President Emomali Rahmon handed state awards and senior military titles and class ranks to heads and officers of law enforcement agencies, military and intelligence, as well as judicial bodies in a ceremony held in the Palace of the Nation.

Congratulating the attendees with the 31st Independence Day, President Rahmon noted that awarding military servicemen with state awards, military titles, and class ranks is a sign of appreciation for their faithful service, courage, vigilance, and bravery in ensuring peace, maintenance of law and order and public security.

«Today, we are proud to announce that the servicemen of the Armed Forces, other military structures and law enforcement officers are performing their duties with patriotism, a high sense of nationalism, with loyalty before the people and the state of Tajikistan, and their sworn oath» he said addressing the attendees.

In the first years of gaining state independence 31 years ago the brave officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies played a prominent role in the restoration of the constitutional order.

“Now the people of Tajikistan are working hard for the prosperity of the motherland and the progress of the state in an atmosphere of complete peace and stability. The achievements that we have reached so far are the result of peace and tranquility, political stability, and national unity”, he added.

He expressed that for the further development of the sovereign state, military personnel of the Armed Forces and officers of law enforcement agencies who serve as a reliable shield of the state and protector of public law and order should be more alert and smart and ready to protect the security of society more than before.

President Rahmon presented state awards to 180 individuals, including the honorary titles of «Honored Worker of Tajikistan,» the «Order of Spitamen» in the 1st degree, the «Order of Spitamen» in the 2nd degree, the «Order of Sharaf» in the 1st degree, the «Order of Sharaf» in the 2nd degree, the «Medal of Jasorat,» «Medal of Khizmati Shoista,» «Medal of Shafkat,» «Medal of Marzboni Shujoi Tojikiston,» «Honorary Diploma of the Republic of Tajikistan.»Concluding the awarding ceremony, he once again expressed his full confidence that each officer will spare all his power and strength and serve for the future of Tajikistan.


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