21 май 2022, шанбе

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National Museum Hosts Exhibition of Western European Artists of the 16th and 18th Centuries

Today, an exhibition of masterpieces of by 16th and 18th century Western European painters took place in the National Museum of Tajikistan.

These paintings were created by renowned artists from France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The paintings were sent to Dushanbe in the 1950s from the State Museum named after A. Pushkin to replenish the fund of the newly created Museum of Fine Arts in Tajikistan.

All this time they were kept in the fund of the National Museum of Tajikistan, and some of them were restored by the specialists of the institution and are now presented to visitors.

The exhibition presents works by I. Duntze “Ice Skating,” K. Schwendt “Coast,” E. Verbukhoven “Sheep with Lambs,” O. Frenzel “Herd on the Slope,” S. Matthias “On the Stage,” B. Johann “Portrait of a Woman,” V. Amberga “Portrait of an Italian Woman,” P. Sollier “Beloved,” H. Ysere “Portrait of an Old Man Writing a Letter,” M. Jean-Laurent “Portrait of the Artist Violay,” D. Bellini “Mourning” (copy of N Lokhova), S. Raphael “Goddess with a Veil” (“The Dream of Jesus”), V. Eiffert “Landscape with a Threshing,” A. Pik “Mill,” as well as paintings by unknown authors “Portrait of a Woman,” “Eros with Doves,” “Preachers,” and “Still Life.”

The exhibition will run until February 28.


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