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Rehabilitation Center for Rare Animals of Tajikistan Will Be Constructed in Murghob District

Rehabilitation Center for Rare Animals of Tajikistan Will Be Constructed in Murghob District
– The processes of the rapidly growing influence of anthropogenic impact on the environment is contributing to the extinction of certain species of rare animals. One of the rare species that is under constant surveillance today is the snow leopard. There are only 12 countries in the world where snow leopards or tigers live in the wild. Tajikistan is one of these countries.

The snow leopard is a symbol of the mountain ecosystems of Tajikistan, and therefore the Committee for Environmental Protection has begun the construction of a center for the rehabilitation of rare animals in the Murghob district of GBAO, especially to protect and restore this endangered species, reports the Committee’s Press Centre.

It should be noted that hunting for this wild animal has been prohibited in Tajikistan over the past 50 years, and its protection is one of the main activities of environmental protection authorities.

Ten hectares of land has been allocated on the territory of the Jamantal zone of the Murghob and construction work began in early September this year. So far, 20% of construction work has been completed at the facility.

The rehabilitation center consists of a sanitary point, a quarantine zone, and an observation tower for tourists.

The rehabilitation center will be opened in 2022.

The main goal of the construction of the rehabilitation center is to restore the snow leopard population and to treat them in case of illness or injury.


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