18 май 2022, чоршанбе

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Dushanbe Launches Development of the City Resilience Strategy and Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction

– On August 11-12, Dushanbe administration in collaboration with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (UNDRR ROECA) conducted the first Self-Assessment Workshop on city’s resilience to disasters using “Public Health System Resilience Scorecard” and “Preliminary Disaster Resilience Scorecard”.

This work is part of the “Strengthening disaster resilience and accelerating implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in Central Asia” initiative, implemented by UNDRR ROECA with funding from the European Union.

The workshop took place just as Dushanbe officially joined the Making Cities Resilient 2030 (MCR2030) initiative and expressed its commitment to disaster risk reduction and building resilience.

Being part of this initiative will allow Dushanbe to increase local resilience through advocacy, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the establishment of learning networks between cities to achieve the goals established in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sendai Framework 2015-2030.

The Technical Working Group established by the Executive Body of State Power in Dushanbe and composed of over 40 representatives of the local and national government as well as risk analysis institutions, aims to develop by August 2022 the City Strategy and Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction for Dushanbe.

The Strategy and Action Plan will be based on multi-hazard approach, addressing amongst other pandemics and biological hazards. Experience from past epidemics and the current COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the importance of coordination and cooperation between disaster managers, health workers and other sectors.


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