8 август 2020, шанбе

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Republican COVID-19 Prevention Commission Urges Population to Wear Masks and Observe Social Distancing

Due to the re-emergence of coronavirus outbreaks in most countries, today the Republican COVID-19 Prevention Commission chaired by Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda officially addressed the population.

The commission noted that a second wave of the disease has broken out in many countries, prompting the authorities to take additional measures to combat it. In particular, after easing restrictions in China, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Germany, Russia and other countries, the decline in new COVID-19 cases is being followed by the mergence of new hot spots.

Due to this, the commission is urging all citizens to observe the rules of personal and public hygiene, not to leave the house without protective masks, and to keep a distance of at least one and a half meters between people.

The commission is also asking everyone to limit traveling between districts and cities, and refrain from holding any mass events, celebrations and ceremonies until the epidemic situation is stabilized.


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