8 август 2020, шанбе

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PM Rasulzoda Visits Farkhor and Mir Said Ali Hamadoni Districts

– Today, Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda visited Farkhor and Mir Said Ali Hamadoni districts of Khatlon Province where inspected the progress of field work, the efficient use of land and construction work.

Initially Rasulzoda visited Farkhor district, where he got acquainted with the sowing of agricultural crops at the Bakhtiyor-01 farm.

The 8-hectare farm is engaged in the cultivation of cotton, potatoes and vegetables. Cucumbers and tomatoes also grown in the greenhouses of the farm.

Rasulzoda also visited the plots of Amirali Islamov, Sharofiddin Boboev and Navkoram farm in Farkhor, as well as the Maksudjon farm in Hamadoni district.

Rasulzoda held a thorough discussion with the farmers on the importance of rational land use, increasing potato harvests, and providing the domestic market with agricultural products.


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