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Dushanbe to Host an International Conference on the Climate Change Impact on Glaciers

Dushanbe to Host an International Conference on the Climate Change Impact on GlaciersThe international scientific-practical conference entitled “The climate change impact on glaciers and the importance of declaring 2025 as the International Year for Glaciers Preservation” will be held on March 28 in Dushanbe, reports the Center for the Study of Glaciers of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.

Domestic and foreign scientists and experts will speak in online and offline formats.

The conference will become an important platform for discussing such topics as assessing the process of glacier melting in the context of global warming, identifying the main areas of cooperation at the regional and international level to achieve innovative ways to study glaciers, organizing a platform for the exchange of scientific information on the state of glaciers and developing activities for the study and protection of glaciers and others.

Scientists will consider new modern methods for studying the cryosphere, glaciers and snow cover, as well as the possibility of natural disasters associated with glaciers, glacial lakes, snow cover, and ways to reduce the damage they cause.

Climate change has already significantly affected many regions of our planet, such as the Arctic, Antarctic and Central Asia. According to satellite measurements, the ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean is constantly decreasing, during 2019-2021 it reached its maximum. Glaciers in the mountains of Central Asia and other regions of the world are rapidly shrinking and melting, which could increase water scarcity, which will negatively affect ecosystems, food production and human health.

According to research data, by 2030-2050, small glaciers with an area of up to 1 km2 may completely disappear. The surface of these glaciers is currently rife with cracks and lakes, this situation is evidence of their decline.


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