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Tajikistan Alarmed Over Rapid Melting of Glaciers

Tajikistan Alarmed Over Rapid Melting of GlaciersThe process of melting glaciers in Tajikistan cannot be reversed, reported the Committee for Environmental Protection.

“There is no way to stop the melting of glaciers, but it is possible to mitigate the consequences of this disaster by planting trees and reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said First Deputy Chairman of the Committee Zarafo Kiyomzoda on July 13 at a press conference.

Over the past 30 years, Tajikistan has lost more than 1,000 glaciers. These figures were announced by the First Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources Jamshed Shoimzoda.

“Over the past three decades, we have lost many small glaciers. And for us, this is not only a supply of drinking water, but also a source of electricity,” said Shoimzoda.

In this regard, the region sometimes faces the most serious problems — not only in the field of energy, but also in the agricultural sector, he noted at the international congress Hydropower. Central Asia and the Caspian.

According to him, Tajikistan’s initiatives to build dams are aimed at accumulating water resources not only for the needs of the country, but also for the security of the entire region.

For the first time in 2009, President Emomali Rahmon noted the need to create a special international fund for the protection of glaciers from the rostrum of the International Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. Speaking in March 2021 at the first online meeting of the High-Level Panel on Water and Climate Issues, he proposed declaring 2025 the International Year for the Protection of Glaciers and setting the date for World Glacier Day.


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